andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system running seamlessly in Windows 2000 based systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7; 32-bit versions only). andLinux is free (licensed under the GPL) and the ideal supplement to use the broad spectrum of Linux applications natively under Windows.

andLinux uses coLinux as its core which is confusing for many people. coLinux is a port of the Linux kernel to Windows. Although this technology is a bit like running Linux in a virtual machine, coLinux differs itself by being more of a merger of Windows and the Linux kernel and not an emulated PC, making it more efficient. Xming is used as X server and PulseAudio as sound server.

andLinux is not just for development and runs almost all Linux applications without modification.

Screenshot (click to enlarge)

To start Linux applications, you may either use the XFCE Panel:

The XFCE Panel

Or, you may choose to use the andLinux Launcher, which ships with andLinux since Beta 1. It consists of:

Quicklaunch icons (XFCE version)

Quicklaunch icons (KDE version)

Start menu (XFCE version)

Start menu (KDE version)

Open a folder with Konqueror or Konsole

Open a file with Kate

Screenshots contributed by users: