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Note: Unfortunately, we don't have time to answer any questions related to the installation or configuration of andLinux. Many questions of this kind are discussed in the forum. Please read / search the forums first. And if you don't find your answer there, please join the forum and post your question to share your problems and solutions with other users.

David Solomon

Hi, I'm David Solomon. I work in the pharmaceutical industry, developing and supporting Linux based servers, embedded devices and applications. My hobbies are my kids, andLinux, playing guitar and many others.

I founded andLinux in 2005. I am the Founder, CEO and Trademark holder of andLinux. Currently getting ready to release the next version!

Contact: LordDavon @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

Joachim Gehweiler

Hi, I'm Joachim Gehweiler. Currently I'm living in Paderborn, Germany, where I did my studies until 2005. Since then I have been working as a research assistent at Heinz-Nixdorf-Institute in the research group Algorithms and Complexity. In addition to computer sciences, my hobbies are dancing and model building; besides, I like movies and music.

I'm the developer of the andLinux installer, the andLinux launcher, and the andLinux website. Meanwhile I also help enhancing the internals and core of andLinux.

Personal website:


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