May 22th, 2009: andLinux Beta 2 (final)

andLinux Beta 2 is out now. Compared to Beta 2 rc1, it includes these new features / changes:
* stable kernel coLinux 0.7.4
* bugfix: missing write permissions on the Samba mounted Windows partition are fixed
* bugfix: Xming / PulseAudio / the launcher are autostarted via the registry now because the startup folder caused problems for many users
* bugfix: the missing Synaptic menu entry is present again with a sudo-wrapper
* setup: Samba configuration much more user-friendly now
* setup: Xming maximum screen resolution can be manually specified (useful when working with different resolutions, e.g. on laptops or tablet PCs)
* setup: better validation of entered parameters, warning when installing over uncleanly uninstalled andLinux / coLinux
* setup: all parameters can be passed through the command line (silent install howto will be in the Wiki soon)
* setup: in case the user account cannot be created, the account "cobuntu" with password "rescue" will be created
* config files for the X session and the launcher in /etc/andlinux/
... and some other minor changes. - Joachim

May 5th, 2009: Debugging the slow startup issue

The file extensionen change for the drives (.drv -> .vdi) and the System Restore exclude values in the Windows Registry should solve System Restore and virus scanner related slow startup issues. - Joachim

May 4th, 2009: Customizing Howto

The promised documention how to create your own Windows file associations with andLinux applications is now available in the Wiki. - Joachim

May 2nd, 2009: andLinux Beta 2 rc1

It's been a (too) long time since Beta 1 now, so I decided to postpone some items on my todo list to later releases. Beta 2 rc1 now includes these changes:
* choice between coLinux stable kernel (0.7.3, incl. update 2008/08/20) and testing kernel (0.8.0, snapshot 2009/04/15)
* Ubunty Jaunty 9.04
* KDE 4
* Xming-fonts update (
* Xming ( can be disabled to use your own X server
* bugfix: virtual disk images have now extension .vdi and are excluded from System Restore (cause for slow startup)
* bugfix: the Windows folder shared via CoFS or Samba can now also have the "&" character in its filename
* a user (with sudo permissions) will be created during setup (you are not working as root any longer)
* andApp.exe to create your own Windows file associations with andLinux applications (howto soon available)
... and some other minor changes. - Joachim

May 1st, 2008: Bugfix

The reason of the slow boot / disk space disappeared bugs some users are suffering from has been discovered and fixed. - Joachim

April 22nd, 2008: Upgrading

If you want to keep your old customized base.drv during the upgrade, please have a look at the guide in the Wiki. - Joachim

April 21st, 2008: andLinux Beta 1 (final)

andLinux Beta 1 (final) is out now. Beside some minor bugfixes, its main difference to Beta 1 rc6 is the new kernel coLinux 0.7.3 (0.7.1 had a bad bug). There was a lot more (less urgent) on our TODO list, which will be done soon when starting with Beta 2. - Joachim

April 18th, 2008: Important Bugfix in coLinux Kernel

There was a bug discovered in the coLinux kernel: coLinux version 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 have a very ugly memory fault on startup, mostly with initrd. Mostly PC with more as 1.8GHz or dual core are candidates for this bug. It just reboots the host, some other PC freezed. BSOD have never been observed. The reboots are not all times. After the Windows reboot, coLinux can start in normal way. This bug has been fixed in coLinux version 0.7.3-rc3 which will be included in andLinux asap. Meanwhile, you may try to add a line "rootfstype=ext3" to settings.txt as a workaround. - Joachim

April 8th, 2008: SVN Repository

I've finally setup a SVN repository at For the moment, I've added the sources of the launcher and the setup scripts. The rest will follow later (and is meanwhile obtainable from the virtual drive of any andLinux installation). - Joachim

March 23rd, 2008: Wiki

I've setup a wiki. All kind of documentation should go there, including results from discussions in the forum which are of general interest. Please contribute to the wiki and become a part of andLinux! - Joachim

March 19th, 2008: Printing

In section "FAQ" I've explained how you can access your Windows printers from andLinux. - Joachim

February 21st, 2008: New Mirrors

We have some mirror servers now, among them, being able to service the downloads again (in total there were over 30,000 downloads in the past three days...) - Joachim

February 19th, 2008: Being Dugg...

andLinux was dugg yesterday and became popular today, leading to a traffic that our server couldn't handle any more (actually it was working at full bandwidth servicing over 8 TB in 24 hours...) - Joachim

February 12th, 2008: Beta 1 rc6

andLinux Beta 1 rc6 is available. It's almost final now. A few bugs introduced in rc5 have been fixed in the Launcher and Samba mounting. Besides, ESD has been replaced by its successor PulseAudio (which is cygwin-free). - Joachim

February 5th, 2008: Beta 1 rc5

andLinux Beta 1 rc5 is available. It's not a final version yet, but this release candidate is "nearly final". Major improvements include updated Ubuntu (gutsy) and coLinux (0.7.1) versions. All known bugs should be removed now, including the BSOD bug. Besides, the download time is improved by a better compression ratio. - Joachim

January 17th, 2008: Development Snapshot

To provide an installer and an improved launcher to the community while the next release is still pending, I made a development snapshot available in the downloads section. Feedback is highly welcome (to fix any possible bugs until the next release)! - Joachim

January 9th, 2008: Security Note

In case you grant colinux-slirp-net-daemon.exe the permission to open ports to the internet in your firewall configuration, please carefully check the list of configured port forwardings in settings_static.txt (the line starting with "eth0=slirp")! Especially ensure that you have set a root password if you keep SSH (port 22) enabled! (To reduce the risk that ports are accidentally opened by granting colinux-slirp-net-daemon.exe full permissions in the firewall, the list of preconfigured port forwardings will be empty in release Beta 1.) - Joachim

January 3rd, 2008: Status Update

The next release Beta 1 will be out soon! - Joachim

June 22nd, 2007: New Website

Welcome to our new official website! - Joachim

May 16th, 2007: Status Update

I thought I would give an andLinux status update. I am waiting for some of the other projects that andLinux uses (Ubuntu, Xming, etc...) to settle a little before releasing Beta 1. - David

March 20th, 2007: andLinux Launcher

I've written a few small tools to even better integrate andLinux into Windows (start menu, quick launch icons, file type associations, and explorer shell extensions). They're available for download on my website: - Joachim

January 16th, 2007: Request for Screenshots

* Please donate screenshots for the web page!
* andLinux userbase now exceeds 30,000 users! - David